Understanding Empathy Imagination Results

All the best design skills are wasted if not applied with an understanding of the user. Empathy brings us right in and makes it personal. Imagination with creativity leads to results so to enhance the user experience; be they digital, service or physical products.


Derived from the ancient Greek for poiéō, “to make, create” and‎ mᾰthe work”.

This noun perfectly embodies the skillful and imaginative results of the creative team of individuals.

Likewise the work that emerges from thoughtful pursuit can serve both society and business, by bridging people’s needs and desires.


"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."

— Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was a highly focused observational thinker, so sketched endlessly!  Always sketching with slight iterations leading to insightful observations and conclusions.

Cerca trova; search and you will find.  This was his life, which we try to embody too.

One sketch at a time.


"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary."​

— Pablo Picasso

Simplicity and essentialism is key of all great design. It should also be unobtrusive.

The product’s function should be self-evident by its honesty and simplicity.


Good UX & UI design lives in many web and mobile native applications that deliver a digital service for your audience. Poema can help solve some of your business challenges.


Services can also be delivered in a physical space with a combination of both digital and analogue tools. Making your customer experience, CX, a delight.


Tactile consumer products, such a furniture, is part of our creative skillset. Industrial design is the development of physical objects that enhance user experience.

with creative services such as;

Design Research

Ask. Probe. Analyze. The more we know about your end users, market segment and competitors, the better we can chart our design journey towards solutions that hit the aims of the design challenge.

Product Development

Today's product is a collection of various outcomes, including tactile objects, digital experience using apps or new service delivery flows. The solution in any of these variations is the final deliverable product.

User Experience Design

Understanding your users as they make emotional and cognitive decisions while they interact with a product or service, is what drives design. This is the foundational framework in building the design solution that aligns with your business or organization's goals.

Service Design

Making our world better, a service at a time. Interacting with a services can either delight or frustrate. Empathising with the user's goals, emotions and background helps us design a better service flow. A great service delivery is the key to marrying business strategy with happy customers.

in a collaborative process;

6 design stages

In this phase, we will create a shared knowledge base across all participants.

The team then evaluates everything they learned previously to establish a focus and goals.

The team generates and shares a broad range of ideas as individuals through sketching.

The final concept to be prototyped will be reached by consensus on a single idea.

Time to create a prototype of the concept that will be real enough to test and validate.

Real users provide feedback to validate or invalidate the concept– to further iterate.

to achieve creative results.

Go Far African proverb

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."

— African Proverb

We’re a team of local and remote:


Design challenges can be understood and further refined into marketable products and services.


Our multidisciplinary design team creates poetry for digital, service and physical products.


Turning challenges into opportunities. Mining for gold in often overlooked places. 

Whether the Poema team is contracted to help you win a greater audience or working internally to develop proprietary products, the process, intent and determination, all remain the same.

Yinka designs interactions that make them easier for users to complete their tasks and meet their goals. He also engineers products designed in pixel and in code as a frontend developer.
Using Design Thinking, Ana can skillfully translate the customer user needs into beautiful, intuitive and inclusive user experiences. Along with an eye for UI and accessibility, her designs become a delight.
Calvin's always asking "why" and tilting his head to see things from many different perspectives. Breaking information apart into pieces to hunt down all the pain points and find ways to make a user journey "flow".
Calvin Kuo
Eli employs psychology as one her design tools. A keen eye that precisely looks at every action and further breaks them into smaller pieces of logic, to better develop a UX and UI design solution.​
As a full-stack designer, Mustafa’s focus is on interaction design and end-user experience. His passion is creating digital products that are enjoyable, engaging, centered around users and helps businesses transform ideas into meaningful and impactful products.​
Nneka designs for inclusivity by recognizing everyone’s diversity and uniqueness. Using an ethical and equitable lens she can extract the visual language of products and services necessary to simplify their interactions with a diverse user base.
Mrinmoyee is unafraid of a challenge. Her versatile background keeps her ready to combine her skills in design and research to provide thoughtful digital solutions to her clients.
Yani is your partner helping you synthesize research data for the big picture vision, into bite-sized design morsels. Breaking down the service journey, UI graphics and translating your brand and business goals into a unified user experience.
Our Account Executive makes sure the client-team relationships run smooth and friendly. They bring clarity in communications and laser focus on the project goals and the team's technical and design abilities to deliver success.
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